An unforgettable experience for city travelers who want to discover Donostia in a different way.

The electric bike ride dreamed of by any slowrider.

Enjoy your time, your walk, Donostia.

Our style

Choose the electric bike that you like or the one that best suits you and yours: with drawer, with chair for children, basket for purchases ...

Your comfort

Book in advance or call us a day early to say where you will be.

We take the bikes wherever you need, in our 100% electric van.

Their Routes

Each person is different and each one needs a different plan. So, we have different routes in Donosti, so you can choose the one you like.

The details

We want you to enjoy every minute, so we don't want you to be missing anything: blankets, press, a pixkolabis to replenish forces on the way ...

Discover our city by bike, breathe fresh air, enjoy with your family and friends. And whenever you feel like it, share your most hygging moments with us in @hygging Or with the hashtag #livehygging

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