1. Rental Price

The price of the rent on the bicycle is fixed according to the rates present and in force in the Web page of Hygging ( at the time of the reservation, or according to detailed in the budget or in the confirmation of the reservation of the client. The prices are valid for 30 days counting from the date mentioned in the budget or in the confirmation of the reservation of the client.


2. Bookings:

A reservation is considered confirmed when the registered customer has received an email confirmation from Hygging or Paypal.


3. Payment

A. The price of the bicycle rental and any other amount of money corresponding to the rental agreement must be prepaid before the rental bicycle (s) are provided. If the customer decides to rent the bicycle (s) for a longer period than the already charged/paid, simply notify Hygging by email at the end of the rental period. The same prices will be applied as those mentioned in and the payment will be made when you return the bicycle (s).

b. If, for any reason, you cannot make use of the bicycle (s) you have rented, Hygging is not responsible for any resulting expenses or damage produced.

C. In the event of a defect in the bicycle, the registered customer will be obliged to pay the total amount of the rent and any other amount included in the invoice, unless he can prove that the reason for not being able to use the rental bike is a defect Which was already present at the beginning of the rental period.


4. Deposit

Before you receive the rented bicycle (s), you must leave a deposit of €300 by credit card or cash. The deposit will be returned to you after returning the bicycle (s) in good condition.


5. Period

A. The rental period is understood as the period mentioned in the booking confirmation.

B. It is possible to request an extension of the rental period, only after being approved by us and according to the rental rates mentioned above (1).

C. It is not possible to make any money back after the rental period has begun. If you return the bicycle (s) before the end of the period mentioned, the rental agreement will be automatically completed without altering the payment made at the beginning of the rental period.

D. At the end of the rental period, the bicycle (s) must be returned (s) where the padlocks and locks were properly collected/collected.

E. If the bicycle (s) is not returned to the time set in the booking confirmation, you will be charged the corresponding extra rent amount until the bicycle (s) are received by us. We also reserve the right to claim payment for any costs or damages suffered by US due to a late return of the rental bicycle (s).

F. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, in the event of a late return of our rental bicycles, we reserve the right to dissolve any rental agreement without judicial intervention and immediately claim our bicycle (s) from wherever is located (n) and who may have. Hygging also reserves this right in the event that the customer does not comply with the other conditions established in the rental agreement.


6. Cancellation Policy

In case of cancelling a guided tour or a rental reservation, the registered customer will receive a return of 80% of the rent or the guided tour if the cancellation happens until one week before the beginning of the rental period or the route. If the cancellation occurs a week until 48 hours before the start of the rental period or the guided route, you will receive a 50% refund of the rental fee or the guided route. In case of rain or other meteorological reasons Hygging does not support any kind of claim.


7. Due use

A. The bicycle (s) may only be used for the intended purpose. The customer registered in the contract is responsible for the use of (all) the bicycle (s) listed in the contract and all other persons mentioned in the rental agreement.

B. The bicycle (s) must be returned in the same clean state as the one (s) you received.

C. The customer (s) shall have an excellent care and treatment of the bicycle (s), as if it were your property, taking any precautions to prevent it from being damaged, lost (n) or stolen (s).

D. You must respect local regulations for electric bike riding, with special emphasis on the rules related to bike parking and public thoroughfares and lanes enabled for this purpose, as well as respect for maximum speeds permi Tidas on each track.

E. Electric bicycles have a battery with a 60 autonomy in normal use (horizontal terrain), Hygging is not responsible in any case that the batteries are discharged before such autonomy.

F. Available electric bicycles should not circulate on rainy days due to lack of protections for this purpose.


8. Damage, loss and theft

The registered customer shall assume all liability in the event of damage to the bicycle (s), loss of the bicycle (s) or of any of its parts, as well as chains, batteries, saddles, padlocks and keys, in addition to any damage related to the use of the bicycle (s) Rented (s). Likewise, the registered customer agrees to compensate Hygging for the cost of repair or replacement of the bicycle (s) for the amount determined by us, in accordance with the standard prices of the market.

In any case, the registered customer is solely responsible for possible damage to himself, the bicycle and to third parties. Hygging assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or other damage caused by the use of the rented bicycle (s).


9. Force Majeure

If Hygging cannot fulfil its obligations to you as a result of circumstances beyond its control, the obligations shall be suspended for the duration of the force majeure. In this context, by force majeure is understood any situation independent of the will of Hygging that prevents partial or totally the fulfillment of its obligations towards the client, or by which one cannot reasonably require of Hygging the fulfillment of D Ichas obligations, regardless of whether the situation was foreseeable or not. In any case, it is included in the concept of force majeure: emergency situations (including adverse weather conditions, fire and lightning strikes), restrictions and/or legal modifications by the public authorities, strikers ( (Labor), war, riots, blackouts, unforeseen failures of computer equipment and other facilities.


10. Applicable legislation

Any contract between the client and Hygging is governed exclusively by Spanish law. These terms and any disputes arising out of, or relating to, the website shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Spain. Disputes arising in connection with these Terms shall be governed exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.

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